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Welcome to our site featuring Large Scale Remote Control Tugboats. There are 521, "2 Tugboats Members" on our free "2 Tugboats Newsletter" list and around the world, 138 tugboat keels have been laid. Feel free to write me anytime:
2tugboats@gmail.com         Updating: Monday, 

Newsletter Member "Doc", built his tugboat, the "Mary Ann", using "2Tugboats" tracing drawings.
He used a 54 pound thrust, 12 Volt, "outboard motor" for drive gear giving his tug "Pod" drive/steering.
The camera lens has distorted his tug to the effect of making it look shorter than it is. It is longer in real life.
Click to watch the Mary Ann on launch day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74KHp1NGNRo
And here to see the Mary Ann handling "swells": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyRTs82YHqQ&feature=youtu.be

To take a look at what I am working on this week, the 1st week of May, 2016, my XBow: Click Here 

Note: As an example of why you should read the links at the top of this page", this tugboat build is not for the faint of heart. Read all the tug information on this site before diving in head first to your tugboat venture. . .the water isn't that cold. . .Welcome Aboard- Email me anytime: Michael in Anacortes, Washington.  2tugboats@gmail.com. Email me if you would like to order PDFs, $25.00, emailed, or a set of full size tracing drawing sheets$120.00 plus postage. And, you can take a look at the "XBow Tug" being built from my drawings: http://twotugboats.com/X-Bow_Fishing_Tugboat.html 

Understand that the seven PDFs for the "Tracing Drawings" offered here are a pretty much "Paint by Numbers" , carbon paper/trace onto 1/2 inch plywood, and "electric hand held jig saw", cut out, you may "butcher" them out, the keel, frames, and decks. The cut out pieces are "slotted" so as to fit together and walla - you have a very big, in the rough, tugboat "Skeleton" sitting before you. This is what we offer you, a tugboat skeleton. This site shares the research to complete the tug to your specifications. And so, I recommend that you have a fire in your heart to build a big RC tugboat. . .challenging and yet pretty basic modeling of your tugboat dream ship come true.


So, you have your tug's skeleton. Now the real tugboat building, which you are free to design, begins. Because of your tugboat's size and the local hardware store having most of the parts, you should include your friends and family in creating the configuration of your tug's powering, planking and finishing out. There are over 108 tugboat enthusiasts building their tugs from these 7 PDFs and they are photo sharing contributors to this website and its "Information Newsletter".  

Our passion leans towards big RC Tugboat models that perform work.
. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and take a look at the 30 or so pictures of some of the three tugboats we are working on these days. A fourth is on the drawing table. Click here: "
So You Want to Build a Tug Boat", if you are interested in creating your own Large Scale "Remote Control" working tugboat and receiving our free "2 Tugboats Newsletter".       
By the way, if you are interested in a XBow design tug, here is my x bow page ideas: 2 Tugboats X-Bow Fishing Tugboat
And, rest assured that model boats have been around for thousands of years. Here is a very cool picture. . .notice some are using sticks with a string attached.


We offer free pictures and tugboat building ideas and a free PDF of the keel, 2tugboats@gmail.com. For the family that wants a real working tug, we sell: PDFs, and Full Size Printed Patterns, 7 sheets, for this "Kathy Sue" style tug boat hull design. This hull shape is adaptable to almost every tug boat type from "Harbor Tug" to "Ocean Going Tug". "The Kathy Sue", "mother ship" of the patterns offered here, are in approximately 1/16 scale. This size/scale is perfect for using your local hardware store to find the deck hardware that gives your model that "sea worthy" look and ability.

This "Skeleton" of the tugboat "Kathy Sue" style hull is the first stage of your RC tug project. By completing this stage in a little as ten hours, you will find that you are totally hooked on your tugboat. . .it will be love at first splinter. Building tips, you will use your creation ideas, are given on the Pattern set, Many of the links below, and on this site at: http://twotugboats.com/-How_To_Build_Your_Tug-.html

Although creating a Large Scale working RC Tugboat may seem quite daunting, keep in mind that I built my first 48 inch, plywood framed Dutch Merchant sailing ship at the age of 12. And, I drew the plans from books in the school library and used the YMCA shop in my small town. You folks here are most likely in my age group, I saw my first dinosaur at the age of five. Believe me, I didn't have power tools or duct-tape back then. . .this tug design project should be a "Shoe In" for you. . .so go for the gusto my fellow tug builder. As one member wrote, ". . .your tugboat approach is more towards carpentry skill than model making skill. I can do that."

Again, building the "Skeleton" of this tug, in my opinion, should be a snap for a 16 year old who is motivated with a picture of a tug they admire the lines of. An "Inspiration" picture is critical for the sucess of building your tugboat. After creating your tug's skeleton, you will be on your own design wise. I have many pictures, ideas, and submissions from other builders on this site. The "Drawings", not plans, give suggestions. And yet again, I cannot stress enough that you must have an idea of the tugboat you want to have so as to keep your goals predominant for giving you a tugboat builder's burning desire to seek and succeed. . .where is your picture?

Here is my "Inspiration" picture. . .I want this tug!

Your tugboat will present exceptional beauty, be well appointed, and will always be an extreme "crowd pleaser". A project your whole family can take part in. And cost wise, again - your local lumber and hardware store has most of the parts needed. At the very bottom of the page here is my personal list of reference URLs for finding parts and information. I have built four of these tugs and they average about a thousand dollars each to fit out, during a year each to create. Other members have reported spending out two thousand for building one.

Top Model Boat Sites.com is where we look for tugboat items of every possible description.
Several popular and unique model tug boat sites are listed here. Bookmark this site as your
number one source for model RC tug parts and supplies. Have the kids take a look too. . .

Your one stop for finding the perfect solution to your search for model RC Tug Boat items. . .

And for questions about building and finding ideas, the "
TugForum.com" is the place where I go to find every answer
to my questions about the who, what, when, where, and why. . and yes - how, about large scale model RC Tugboat
construction and operation. THE place for expert help, many of the members are tug boat owners and captains. . .

Again, the "Model Tug Forum", http://www.modeltugforum.com/ , is where I get my answers for building my tugboat.
Go to the Tug Forum Site, "Register" (free), and you will have every tugboat question you can ever have. . .answered.
If you do not use this site as your number one source for inspiration, answers to your many questions, and superior
ideas presented, you will building the hard way - period. And I say again, they are the best source for you in the world.

This site will have items you didn't even know you wanted:
Here is a well stocked with conventional running gear: http://www.loyalhannadockyard.com/

I began my ship building, at a "YMCA" wood shop in 1954, by designing and building a 17th century sailing ship. I was 12 years old and inspired by the movie, "Treasure Island". Ironic, in that the first real sailing ships of the world began to be robust around that century. And, detailed model making also began then. One thing about building a large model of these particular ships is that the construction of them is the closest to that of a modern ship. Keel, frames, and deck for a old sailing ship are the basics of all ships today.

My first sailing ship model experience taught me most of the skills to create my tugboat design. The two go together in forming the basics of model creating, in my mind. Thus, f
or those who would like to build a 17th century sailing ship instead of a tugboat. Here is the best the world has to offer.

This "Sovereign of the Seas" is over 40 inches long, exquisite detail, and comes with a magazine subscription no less
to assist you in its building. Keel, frames, and decks. . .not a plastic hull. You actually build this vessel. This model is the one I would build of the many offered on the Internet and I have checked them all. I love going down to the sea in my imagination. Click on this link and just enjoy their site's pictures and the most beautiful ship of it's time and still in our time: http://www.model-space.com/gb/ships/hms-sovereign-of-the-seas/

You can order direct from me, Michael:   


Feel free to write Michael anytime,
2Tugboats@gmail.com, Anacortes, Washington, USA      

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                ===========Below are Notes with my personal URL's for you to Use===========

You are going to need a special greeting card several times this year. I would be most happy to create a unique one for you. Take a look at some of my work,http://michael-shonesr.artistwebsites.com/index.html?tab=galleries and just let me know, 2tugboats@gmail.com,  what you are thinking of for a special card. . .thank you.

1) To start your tug, here is how I started. Go to this link: http://www3.marinelink.com/Subscribe/s/subscribe.htmland sign up for your free, for a short time, subscription to Marine News which is "The information authority for the work boat Industry"

And Maritime Reporter and Engineering News having "The World's Largest Circulation Marine Industry Publication" Lots of photos. . .These two publications, usually cost $35.00 a year and $70.00 a year, are my key source for pictures of tugboats and ships. Bar none, here is your generous supply of mental information to sleep on when building your tug in your mind. Inspiration and answers to your many design questions. Works for me and my favorite - FREE.

2) Here is a list of 100 model boat suppliers for conventional hardware, tug groups, and support help sites: http://www.topmodelboatsites.com/

3) And here is where I have my model making and what hardware to use questions answered: http://www.modeltugforum.com/ Sperior assistance!

4) "Cornwall Model Boats" supplies, the largest selection of model marine components: http://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/

5) WestBorune-Model Co. also has a large selection of fittings for a conventional set up: http://www.westbourne-models.com/ Check out all of their listings on the left hand side. . .a gold mine of ideas for you.

6) "The Sportman's Guide" wholesale: Trolling motors and more. . . http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/browse/boating-trolling-motors.aspx?c=47&s=457

7) "Marine Part Depot" Here is your stainless steel deck hardware "Bible" of sorts: http://www.marinepartdepot.com/index.html read about every item in the left side list of products. . .its size, price,and visualize its appearance. Read every day for several months. . .go back and look at the pictures at 2tugboats.com and note the deck hardware. Your tug will glow with style and seaworthiness from every angle.

8) Ebay. . .Ebay. . .Ebay. . .Ebay: http://www.ebay.com

9) Your local "Sebo's Hardware" store! Walk about the store and eyeball everything with an eye towards your tug's needs. . .From string to screw head types. Curtain hanger hardware to electrical fittings and types and kinds of pipe fittings . .everything. (for example, there are 36 styles/kinds of "ells" or "90s"). Know your tug blindfolded, upside down, inside out, and in your sleep. . .

10 & 11) This site will have items you didn't even know you wanted: http://www.harbormodels.com/
Here is a well stocked site with conventional running gear: http://www.loyalhannadockyard.com/

12) Model Ship World - is: http://modelshipworld.com/phpBB2/portal.php

Search Engine Words: Tug boat, tugboats, tug boats, tugboat, kathy Sue style hulls, and tugboat building are the search engine's words here. We make ship drawings for tugboat models, remote control tugboat models, and we have tugboat answers for modelers. Model tugboat assistance and answers abound here on this tug site. We offer a model tugboat parts, free tugboat drawings, tugboat pictures, tug boat photos, RC model tugboat construction, tugboat window discriptions, and have your wanting to build spirit sparked to build a tug. And, we have free large scale model rc tugboat plans.



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